To the Guests of Trattoria Romana

Over the years, many people have asked me what the difference between a restaurant and a trattoria is. I tell them that although there is no clear distinction, a visit to Trattoria Romana will illuminate subtle but significant differences. The uniqueness of the trattoria experience is apparent in the sights, smells and atmosphere of this establishment.

When you walk through the doors you are greeted by the fragrant aroma of freshly prepared culinary delights created earlier that morning. The menu is seasonal and best reflects the availability and freshness of the ingredients used in select regional dishes. The inviting  warmth of the wood-burning brick oven and roasting garlic radiates a rustic vibe reminiscent of the finest restaurants in Italy. Surrounded by friends and family, your waiter – who knows you by your first name – escorts you to your table. It is a personal dining experience characterized by an intimacy only found in the home.

This is a trattoria: an authentic affair built on the virtues of quality and tradition. There is a depth to the atmosphere – a sense of history and belonging. The dining room, which is always full, has held countless graduations, birthdays and holiday celebrations and is engraved in the memories of the community.

Italians have an extremely strong sense of family where food plays an integral role in all of their traditions. They pride themselves on using the finest, freshest ingredients that best capture the essence of the food. Family gatherings always center on the table where the old favorites never fail to satisfy.

In my Cooking Classes, I play the role of a teacher who wants his students to appreciate and love the subject matter, in this case cooking, as much as I do. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and technique so that you too can enjoy your favorite dishes in your home with your family. This is why I constantly seek your input. I want to know what you want to see, taste, or learn how to prepare.

Trattoria Romana’s first rule is to treat its loyal customers as honored guests and close friends – members of its larger family. I know that all I have shared with you will not be forgotten and will be preserved in your memories. This to me is more important than any legacy. With this, I would like to thank you for all of the good times we have shared together.

Wishing you the best,